Benjamin Guillaume Glorieux, (Guillaume/nimbus) is a Belgian cellist and musician.

Since finishing his studies in Brussels, Geneva, Cologne and the Queen Elisabeth Chapel, he has managed to build a unique career that encompasses very different styles of music, in addition to his activities as a performer and a creator.

He sees these artistic choices reflected in the Brussels' historic cello school, which enjoyed great international appeal in the nineteenth century, precisely because of its top-class cellist-composers. This fascinating subject is the focus of Benjamin's PhD research at KCB/VUB (Brussels University), which will start during autumn 2024 and which also marks the occasion for his debut at one of the most important cello festivals in Europe, the Amsterdam Cello Biennale.

As a member of the artistic board of the Queen Elisabeth Competition for cello, laureate of the KLARA'S, Belgian Vocation Foundation and regular guest at media houses in his country, Benjamin manages to combine past and present in a unique way, aware of the giants on whose shoulders he stands in his quest for a language of his own.
In 2023, for instance, as part of the integral performance of Bach's Suites for solo cello at the country's largest classical festival, Klara Festival, he undertook a hike with his cello, across Germany. It was the same walking tour the young Bach had made centuries before, in his quest to meet the organist Buxtehude in Lübeck. 

This form of inspiration, coupled with different types of output, such as concerts, lectures, exhibitions, singer-songwriting or hybrid concert forms, are at the heart of Glorieux's artistic practice.